Sports and athletic activities have rules, protocols, and expectations to keep athletes safe. However, the coach is expected to solve the problem when something hinders an athlete's performance. Some may even blame the coach for the problem, but the coaches shouldn't be chastised if the athletes follow the rules and protocols yet end up injured.

"I had severe lower back pain which put me in the ER. I reached out to a muscle system specialist for relief and prevention. After the first assessment I was already starting to feel relief and gaining strength. He was very accommodating and receptive. I would recommend to anyone who is experiencing any type of pain.” - Brian

"Mike's a great guy and the best physical therapist I've seen (out of about a dozen). I had chronic rotational imbalances due to a 2 decade old ankle injury and Mike diagnosed and began to treat the imbalances immediately. I also compete in sports and Mike's been super helpful in incorporated the more specific movements I need into our rehab. We have had 6 meetings and I left each one better off than before."- Shane

Thank you to Michael for the education and the greater knowledge into how my body works. His curiosity and professionalism ensures you’re in good hands to tackle whatever issues you’re dealing with. He’s also just really great to be around!” - Matthew

Muscle Activation of Tampa has been a really awesome experience thus far. I am about a month into my treatment and I have learned more about my imbalances in my body during this time than I have with years or working with Doctors/Chiropractors!

I am learning what types of movements I need to implement into my regimen so I can optimize my training best! The support has been great and he has quick and clear communication. I’m looking forward to continuing my training and fixing the imbalances!- Allison

“Mike Robles is my Muscle Activation therapist. I started with him 5 weeks ago. When I first saw him I was in pain and was walking with my torso and head turning to the left. He’s been a miracle worker for me. No pain now and my body is aligned correctly!! Highly recommend Mike for any muscle issues you have!!!” - Marcy

“I started seeing Mike for manual therapy on my neck and shoulder a couple of months ago and it has helped tremendously! He uses resistance and instructs me to move in a certain way and boom! Relief! It seems so simple I’m just surprised it works!” - Kelly

“Mike provided great care and pain relief to my daughters after they sustained track and cross country injuries.  In a few weeks, he was able to get them back, not only running, but completely pain free.”

I was so impressed with Mike’s knowledge and the progress he made with my daughters, I wondered if he could possibly help me with an old biceps tendon injury. The orthopedist told me that I was,

‘Getting old and should resolve to not lift weights and take it easy with exercising.’

So glad I decided to work with Mike. Not only is my shoulder pain free, my entire body is stronger and more efficient during exercise. I am back to lifting weights. In addition, I notice a significant improvement in my overall endurance and strength. Two days ago, I ran 4 miles... effortlessly! I have not been able to run that far in over a decade.

I recommend working with Mike for any muscle or physical impairment!! He is knowledgeable, kind, a good listener and really cares about his patients!! - Susan

“My husband's ability to walk was severely diminished prior to and following post-spinal surgery.  The surgery was a success but the nerve damage from his existing long-standing trauma did not bode well for an optimal recovery.  Mike has assisted my husband with making significant strides to walk again despite medical assessments that led us to believe his lack of ambulation could not be improved upon.  We had given up hope until we found Mike.

Mike thoroughly assessed my husband's baseline abilities and went about designed exercises and stretches to explore his strengths and weaknesses.  The improvements to my husband's strength, flexibility and balance have been well worth it.  We weren't expecting a total resolution of his symptoms or a return to pre-trauma levels but the strides he has made since working with Mike have been significant and much more than doctors had led us to expect.  We are very pleased with Mike and will continue to use Mike's services to see how much my husband can continue to reverse his neurologic damage.” - Sandy & Bruce

“Mike is a master of his craft. He is so detail oriented and technical. Through his process he will pinpoint your muscular weaknesses and find ways to focus in and strengthen them. Would highly recommend!” - Sean

“I am so happy to of found Muscle Activation of Tampa! I did not realize how many discrepancies I have in my body that cause pain and injuries. Only a few sessions in and I am already feeling stronger and less pain in places that used to give me issues when running. Can't wait to keep getting stronger and prevent future injuries!” - Lauren

“Mike Robles is a WIZARD. I went to see Mike for muscle imbalances and weak stabilization muscles. The initial consult consisted of a physical assessment which provided him the blueprint of execution. Mike worked on each body part and explained the process as he went. Best part he provided me exercises that I was able to perform on my own that stimulated further muscle development. I was able to train hard again and get back to lifting heavy. I am appreciate Mike and everything he has done for me. If you are having muscle issues or would like to elevate your athletic performance check him out. I assure you he is a WIZARD.  Thanks Mike!” - Hodges

“Overall great place to get your body worked on! The longevity of the treatment is amazing and by far the best place I’ve been to for this work! Mike is for sure one of the most knowledgeable people I have met and has been able to keep me on the court as a college basketball player!” - Riley

“Mike has been training my daughter, Ava for a few months now. He is extremely knowledgeable in the fitness and rehabilitation department. He trained my daughter through several injuries with specific exercises tailored just for her. After only a few weeks of training/rehab. My daughter is back doing the sport she loves, better and stronger!” - Pam & Ava


“Mike is very knowledgeable about the body and fitness. He’s able to identify the muscles that need to be strengthened to help you move and feel your best. I’m a golfer and often struggle with tightness, tried all kinds of stretching, nothing worked quite like mikes program. Would recommend to anyone.” - Jacob

“The facilities and equipment are excellent and exhaustive.   Michael, my trainer, is a professional demonstrating superior knowledge of anatomy, and in particular the muscle systems, which helped him to pinpoint the cause of the pain and to create manageable workout routines to remedy my isssue(s).  Michael has tremendous social and communication skills that made following instructions and conversation with him very easy.   I would highly recommend anyone to see Michael if you are rehabbing an injury or desiring to increase levels of athletic success.  Thanks Michael!” - Todd

“Mike is an outstanding coach, trainer and advisor. He is extremely knowledgeable in therapeutic movement and strength training. His diagnostic approach is unique and holistic-yielding amazing results. I couldn’t be happier with my results and highly recommend Mike.” - Mary Kay

“Been an amazing experience and getting me to be pain free after having a bad recovery from ACL reconstruction surgery. Highly recommend!” - Alexa 

“Mike is trustworthy and great at what he does. His practice works! You will get to the root of your problem. Most people focus on treating pain, Mike works with you to get behind it and address why it’s there.”Scott

“Mike is incredibly detailed and really knows his stuff. He has helped me tremendously in such a short time. Through his unique approach, He was able to identify my weak areas and help me figure out what was holding me back from accomplishing my goals. I’m

Looking forward to the future and being able to start competing again on the golf course.” - Chris

“I have been going to Mike for the last couple of years for back and neck issues. Before I learned about MAT, I saw surgeons, chiropractors, and acupuncturists. I was told I needed surgery on many occasions and had a chiropractor break my collar bone.  After a few visits to Mike, I was painfree.  I continue to go for "tuneups" but MAT has always worked well for me. Mike has even called me after my appointment to check on my progress and to make sure the treatment was effective.  Mike is an experienced professional and truly cares about his clients” - Rick 

"Exceptional Muscle System Specialist - Mike is the Real Deal! From my very first session with Mike, it was evident that he possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of the muscle system. His expertise and ability to pinpoint the root cause of my back pain were nothing short of amazing. He took the time to thoroughly assess my condition, listening attentively to my concerns and history, which immediately put me at ease. Mike's approach to treatment is both comprehensive and personalized. He combines various techniques and therapies tailored to meet each individual's needs. Throughout my sessions, he explained each step of the process, ensuring I understood the purpose and benefits of the techniques he employed. This level of transparency and professionalism greatly contributed to my trust and confidence in his abilities. What truly sets Mike apart is his remarkable skill in alleviating pain and discomfort. Not only did he target the source of my back pain, but he also provided valuable insights and recommendations to prevent future issues. If you're looking for someone who not only understands the complexities of the human body but also has the ability to alleviate pain and optimize your overall well-being, he is the go-to professional. Thank you, Mike, for your exceptional care and for giving me a new lease on life!" - Leroy

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