Symptom Based vs. Mechanically Based Approach

In Muscle Activation Techniques™ by Mike Robles

Symptom Based vs. Mechanically Based Approach

by Mike Robles

With Muscle Activation Techniques, we don’t directly go to the site of pain like other modalities. For example, when you get shoulder pain we immediately seek out those that are the shoulder experts and the tunnel vision really kicks in. Sometimes that’s not always the case when all the tests and imaging come back normal. This baffles the patients and insist that something must be wrong with the doctor, the machines or whoever else that gets referred to look at the shoulder with no results on the issues.

When clients come to me, this is usually the case and the frustration can be at its peak. When there’s imaging that shows no objective issues with your joints and there is still pain or discomfort that’s holding you back from daily activities, it can most likely be due to a muscular contraction issue. No amount of imaging can determine that.

You can stare at the lightbulb all you want but if no one is able to turn the switch on to see if it actually works, you’ll continue to be left on the dark.

What does it mean to look at the body in a mechanically based approach?

The components of mechanics can be simplified to the levers (bones) and axis (joints) that surround the body as an integrated chain. Taking that mindset and challenging the muscles around a joint can help determine where this general weakness is coming from. The precision behind this broadens the scope on assessing the body.

Pain in one area of the body may be faulty mechanics somewhere else. The thought process is focused on assessing the body independent of the symptoms which helps to determine what mechanical dysfunction is occurring within the body. This can be an influence of the symptoms subjectively if not properly addressed.

There can be so many influences to pain.
Some of these influences may be:
* – Symptom related
* – Movement related
* – Joint Stability related
* – Lack of movement related

If you’re ONLY seeking out to address the locations of your symptoms, this only leaves limitations in assessment for specialists and you have to KEEP addressing the symptom because the issue creating the symptom is still present in your body.If you’re unsure what could be the reason behind your movement related issues, call or text Muscle Activation of Tampa and setup an appointment today. Improving how you move to improve how you feel and live.