Muscle Activation Techniques and other modalities

Muscle Activation Techniques and Other Modalities

There are so many techniques and modalities that claim to eradicate an individual’s problems. There’s chiropractors, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, trigger point, ultrasound, myofascial release just to name a few that are very common. MAT™ is an addition to the toolbox with a specific approach and a unique goal that can be invaluable to the recipient which can stand alone in its course of action to improve someone’s performance. There is a bias to raising awareness of this approach that has come about due to gaps in existing treatments where the results aren’t successful in regards to achieving muscle pain relief, mobility, muscle tightness or overall physical performance.

Muscle tightness is more than likely associated with poor posture, decreased range of motion which may cause muscle aches that may contribute to future injuries if not identified and eliminated. It’s important to observe how the body reacts to an unstable surface. It might tighten up for restriction of movement to gain more support for further control of the position. The body may use muscle tightness which contributes to muscle pain as a method of support and control to benefit us by observing that instability is an internal problem at the joint.

When there is a flare up of chronic pain or an acute injury, other treatments and therapies will be your first port of call. MAT™ will be your next stop to ensure that stability is maintained in order to recover faster as well as addressing imbalances that may have preceded the injury.

Like any forms of treatment such as the ones previously mentioned, MAT™ can provide an alternative for those that have thru several modalities or perhaps may work in conjunction with other therapies. The success with these unique methods may come down to the specific requirements of the individual for what they need or goals to address their muscular, structural, chronic, acute issues, pain or imbalances.

A Muscle Activation Techniques™ Specialist will NOT be able to diagnose your pain. If you are unsure whether your problem is more than a muscular one then you would be advised to seek normal medical attention. If muscle tightness, lack of mobility and weakness is part of the problem then this is what the MAT™ specialist will focus on and improve. An MAT™ specialist is a muscular specialist and will identify, address and eliminate muscular imbalances throughout the body that either directly pull on the spine or indirectly pull through related joints possibly resulting in pain or injury.

MAT™ can provide an alternative for those that have thru several modalities or perhaps may work in conjunction with other therapies.

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