Healthcare Professionals

Muscle Activation Techniques For Healthcare Professionals

The individual MAT™ strategies (previously noted) when used together in a systematic format, under its definite methodology, based in the interpretation of the information gained from each strategy, and relationships established between that information, are unique to MAT™. MAT’s™ intention is to improve a specific aspect of a muscle's contractile capabilities and that aspect’s impact on limb motion and position maintenance as it relates to exercise and physical performance.

In closing, MAT™ encourages dynamic and collaborative working relationships in order to facilitate the health and wellness of an individual. MAT™ seeks to demonstrate its efficiency and contribution to individual health, and for all health care, fitness, and education providers to recognize the importance of muscle contractile capability as viewed by the MAT™ paradigm.

MAT™ also wants to communicate that despite its narrow scope of practice- focusing on muscle system contractile capabilities – this process and its outcomes should not be minimized nor their potency overlooked or underestimated. MAT™ is an important process for anyone who recognizes the significance of the muscular system for the maintenance and improvement of overall human health and fitness. MAT's™ unique strategies are an important contribution to the general field of assessing and improving an individual's physical capabilities to engage and sustain physical activity and improve musculoskeletal performance.