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FORCE by Mike Robles

We can’t see it.
We know it exists.
It’s inevitable, you have to deal with it.

Do we actually respect it?
Do we know how much it really influences us throughout our whole lives?
If it can be a result of an injury , can it also be used to restore the cause of the injury?

When people ask me if what I do is a form of stretching, massage, etc., they are stunned when my response is “I apply force.” Why?
Because thats the only way to get a RESPONSE whether your muscles are working properly or not. Our bodies are constantly being encountered by the forces we place on them. Your muscles job is to resist and create force in order produce movement around your joints.

The ONLY way to verify if anything is working in a mechanical aspect is to challenge the components that make up the integrated system.

I guess that’s why Luke was disappointed to learn how naive Rey’s knowledge of the force was when she tried to reach out and touch it like she was going to receive some present. (This scene is pretty funny)
She had no idea that she had the capabilities of manipulating the force to her advantage……and save the galaxy!!! To be able to conflict harm but also help others.

We can relate to that in some ways. We overtrain or train improperly without respect of the little understanding of applying force when we train. Sometimes we can even think that a simple movement with a heavy load to move over a short distance is no big deal until our bodies say otherwise and now there’s bigger problems.

Ok so star wars is obviously not real (Dang it!) but we need to be aware that force is the reason behind our every existence and especially with exercise. This is a great definition of force by the RTS program (Resistance Training Specialist) that needs to be taken into consideration.

“Force, or the lack thereof, is a, if not the PRIMARY STIMULANT for musculoskeletal change (i.e. RESPONSE, adaptation) and an influence in virtually every physiological process that is required for human existence, much less human performance.” – Tom Purvis, Founder of RTS

There’s a heavy emphasis on the response because that’s exactly what i’m looking for during a session. Placing a client in a certain position and applying force in a certain direction to get a response from which muscles are being influenced with resistance. If there’s little to no response then that can be the reason behind the unwanted sensation your nervous system is creating to keep you from being in the position. There’s a solution to this neuromuscular problem.

If you’re frustrated with lack of movement or having any unwanted sensations during certain movements (which takes FORCE produced from your muscles), try the experience of the unique process provided by Muscle Activation of Tampa. Let’s find out if your issue is strictly a musculoskeletal deficiency and reestablish movement without unwanted sensations.