Explaining Mechanics Part 1

In Muscle Activation Techniques™ by Mike Robles

Explaining Mechanics Part 1 by Mike Robles

Mechanics is an area of physics and engineering that deals with the evaluation of forces responsible for maintaining an object or structure in a fixed position, as well as with the description, prescription and causes of motion of an object or structure.”  – Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy (Rasch & Burke 3rd Edition, Copyright 1967)

It can be difficult to describe what I do. Most people automatically regress to something familiar to compare that they’ve tried in the past or just assume it’s exactly something they recognize with a different name.

The precision of how the body moves with a mechanical mindset is heavily overlooked and under appreciated. Is it taught? In some ways but it’s mainly discussed on a superficial level with no experimentation or involved in some thought process. Books such as this gem have great information on how to evaluate performance with the forces we apply towards our body and how it should react. Although, most just breeze thru the material without effectively evaluating and seeing the response.

At Muscle Activation of Tampa, the study of the anatomical structure of an individual must be respected in order to determine how to apply force BEFORE beginning an evaluation. These assessments are individualized. Everyone walks in the door (if they’re able to walk) with a different story and structure to investigate. During the evaluation, the primary focus is the causes of motion (muscle contraction) and how it relates to the structure (body).

Basically, before I take your car out for a test drive, I want to take a look at all the pieces and make sure they are working at its most efficient level.

Force being the primary stimulant for response, change or adaptation on the muscle system is the only way to evaluate where precise weakness can be located and regain strength to relieve discomforting sensations such as tightness or pain.

In Part 2, We’ll look at how the field of mechanics is divided into two separate categories when evaluating.

If your having limited movement or having unwanted sensations in certain positions, this could be the result of muscles not doing there job. Let’s find out where you’re having these issues on your muscles and get them to handle forces properly so that you can move better and get rid of these unwanted sensations.