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Sports and athletic activities have rules, protocols, and expectations to keep athletes safe. However, the coach is expected to solve the problem when something hinders an athlete's performance. Some may even blame the coach for the problem, but the coaches shouldn't be chastised if the athletes follow the rules and protocols yet end up injured. 

Athletic activities assume a general "one size fits all" approach regarding traditional movements and proper form. Proper form is essential; however, there is a blind assumption that athletes have all the muscles operating optimally to complete that movement. The movement alone, even with proper form, does not always fix the "weak links" in the body. Ignoring these deficiencies can make it worse over time. 

Some coaches dismiss or pass up on athletes who don't know how to manage these inefficiencies in their bodies, and other coaches promise miracle interventions that end up not working correctly. It doesn't have to be this way. Coaches can continue the art of performance within the sport. When they recognize a gap in an individual's performance, they can trust the Muscle System Specialists to get the athlete's body working at peak performance to maximize each movement necessary for success. Muscle System Specialists working alongside coaches can tremendously benefit your athlete's health and overall performance, regardless of the sport or setting for the activity.

Coaches, let's combine our expertise within the scope of exercise to give your athlete the best outcomes and enjoy their performance.  

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