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Michael Robles - MAT™ Specialist


Michael has been a paramedic since 2008 and a Tampa Firefighter since 2013. After suffering a sports related injury that threatened his ability perform all of the demanding tasks required of a Firefighter, Michael discovered Muscle Activation Techniques. MAT™ has helped him correct his muscular imbalances and increase his contractile efficiency. Through MAT™ , Michael has been able to return to work confident in his ability to perform at a high level.

​ With MAT™, the focus is bridging the gap between injuries and dysfunction to athletic training and athletic performance. These services combine with sports performance training to help athletes avoid injury, recover from injury and improve performance as quickly as possible. Michael has devoted his life to helping people. As a firefighter, he is on the scene to aid in extreme and sometimes life threatening situations. As an MAT™ practitioner, he is helping athletes perform at a higher level, as well as assisting everyday people in transitioning from injuries and surgeries to a full recovery.