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Sick and Tired of the quick fixes?

We specialize in the most complicated muscular cases who have tried everything and are losing hope for living life without pain or limitations.

Muscle Activation of Tampa is the bay area's premier location for exercise mechanics consulting and Muscle System Treatment. We provide a unique approach to giving the greatest possible care in restoring neuromuscular control and joint function through non-invasive techniques. We have a major emphasis on the combined evaluation of bio-motor control and intra-articular joint function.

Benefits OfMuscle System Treatment

  • Speed up injury recovery

  • Decrease Muscular Tightness

  • Reduce tissue stress

  • Improve Joint Stability

  • Resolve root issues behind your condition and pain

  • Enhance your ability to resist future injury

Our Mission

The mission of Muscle Activation of Tampa is to safely and effectively improve the function of an individuals musculoskeletal health. ​

It's All AboutImproving Performance

  • Get Stronger

  • Perform at optimal levels

  • Improve Joint Stability

How Do I know If Muscle System Treatment is for me?

The first and major indication is that something may not feel right. This can be seen as joint pain, muscle tension or instability of a joint, or in other words tight hamstrings, tight lower back, shin splints, aching knees, or a hyper-extended joint. Any feelings of pain or tightness can be signs of possible muscle weakness.

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Our CustomersLove Our Service

“I scheduled an assessment with Mike to address ongoing pain on my left side (shoulder, hip, knee). Mike identified muscle imbalances triggered from recent surgeries. He had me work on areas seemingly unrelated but affected the tightness I felt. For instance, he had me use a jaw strengthener that in turn strengthened muscle control on my leg. Coupled with exercises I can do at home to strengthen my left side, I am optimistic about my recovery and looking forward to going about daily activities pain free.” Margaret

“Mike is extremely detail driven. Also incredibly patient. He took care of my mom after she shattered her distal femur. He worked on every muscle in both legs, and after a few sessions : voila!! She was walking again. She was very afraid to walk again but he was there every step of the journey. Mike is the man.”Juan
“I struggle to start anywhere other than saying this has been one of the best experiences I could have imagined. When I got started, I was in constant pain within never ending back knots stemming from years of physical activity with neglected recovery and unaddressed injuries.

Mike is one of the greatest professionals I have ever had the experience of working with. His commitment to his art and his clients is unmatched and has helped get me on a great path to recovery. Less than 2 months into working with Mike, my pain relief and ability to live “normally” is being restored.

As someone who chose to neglect injuries for so long, I would highly recommend that anyone experiencing pain and not finding treatment that helps reach out to Mike to guide you. That being said, you will get out of it what you put in so be sure you are ready to commit to the journey!”Peter

“I went to see Mike at Muscle Activation of Tampa via a referral. Right from the get go I was very impressed with Mike’s professional approach.

His assessment of my whole muscle system was very thorough before we got to work on my problem area. My left shoulder and left clavicle area was in constant pain. I had no injuries to warrant this.

But a doctor in Boston told me it was most likely from Osteoarthritis in my shoulder. I might need surgery.

Mike has helped me a lot and the pain is mostly gone except when I overwork the area forgetting I need time to strengthen certain muscle groups we target.

But I’ve only gone to him three times and already I feel much needed relief from my pain.. I’m not taking Aleve every day or Motrin every 4 hours. Praise God! Thank you Mike for the good and important work you do!”Sheila

Am I a Candidate ForMuscle System Treatment?

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